Philip Cartelli



HD video and Super 8mm film
Color 1.85: 1
English, Italian, and Maltese with English subtitles
20 minutes
in post-production

A woman travels through Malta, researching the significance of the island's primary natural resource, the solid yet porous limestone that makes up most of its surface as well as serving as its main building material. In her journeys, she encounters imaginative territories where the narratives of refugees meet the dreams of young children, searching for a common emotional and physical space.

sound, video, edit: Philip Cartelli & Mariangela Ciccarello

“Sublunary” is the product of a Valletta 2018/Spazju Kreattiv residency in March 2017 in Gharb, Gozo (Malta), additional support provided by a Roberto Cimetta Fund travel grant in July 2018 and Wagner College research funds in December 2018.