Philip Cartelli



HD video

Color 1.77: 1

no language

31 minutes


“Promenade: the word refers to the action as well as its setting. Here, it consists of a place known as ‘J4,’ a seafront terrace by the MuCEM and its famous architecture. Sequences after sequences, with attentive, precise, remote still frames, and not without a slight touch of humour, Philip Cartelli creates pictures like small paintings humming with a crowd of tourists, visitors, strollers. Seascapes of our time.”
-Nicolas Feodoroff, FID-Marseille

"Urban design is a form of social engineering. It determines encounters between different groups, as well as creates segregated spaces. Once a major port of arrival, not only for goods from abroad, but also for Amazigh (Berber), Arab, and African migrant labor, as elsewhere, Marseille’s cultural diversity is largely displaced and whitewashed by renewal projects. For anyone those who knew Marseille in the past, the video is an elegy to 'le temps perdu.' Docks are now walkways; warehouses become museums."
- Dale Hudson & Patricia Zimmerman, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival

sound, video, edit: Philip Cartelli

sound mix: Ernst Karel

Produced in Sensory Ethnography Lab

and Film Study Center, Harvard University

Screenings & Exhibitions (selection):

FID-Marseille, Écrans parallèles: Ventriloquies (France)

Arkipel International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, International Competition (Indonesia)

Zones Portuaires (Italy)

Borderscapes, Centro di studi postcoloniali e di genere, Università degli studi di Napoli "L'Orientale" (Italy)

Athens Ethnographic Film Festival (Greece)

Bremen Film Conference (Germany)

Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, Invisible Geographies (USA)

Aegean Film Festival (Greece)

Objekte der sensorischen Ethnographie - Lichthaus Kino Weimar (Germany)