Philip Cartelli



HD video

Color 1.77: 1

no language

31 minutes


“Promenade: the word refers to the action as well as its setting. Here, it consists of a place known as ‘J4,’ a seafront terrace by the MuCEM and its famous architecture. Sequences after sequences, with attentive, precise, remote still frames, and not without a slight touch of humour, Philip Cartelli creates pictures like small paintings humming with a crowd of tourists, visitors, strollers. Seascapes of our time.”
-Nicolas Feodoroff, FID-Marseille

sound, video, edit: Philip Cartelli

sound mix: Ernst Karel

Produced in Sensory Ethnography Lab

and Film Study Center, Harvard University

Screenings & Exhibitions:

FID-Marseille, Écrans parallèles: Ventriloquies (France)

Arkipel International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, International Competition (Indonesia)

Zones Portuaires (Italy)

Borderscapes, Centro di studi postcoloniali e di genere (Italy)

Bremen Film Conference (Germany)

Invisible Geographies, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (USA)